What is Ahimsa One?

Ahimsa One is an open social network and learning platform to connect the world community for positive change. It is a place dedicated to community building, open communication, and natural living.

What is Ahimsa?

Ahimsa means non-violence and compassion, a cardinal virtue held across many cultures and civilizations over millenia. We believe in refraining from causing unnecessary harm to others and to self. 

A peak into our soul.

1. Security & Freedom

With proper planning and qualified assistance anything is possible. Security and freedom can coexist and complement each other. An individual should not have to refrain from going on their next adventure due to perceived constraints.

2. Health & Compassion

Compassion and health go hand in hand. A compassionate mind makes for a healthy body, and vice-versa. Becoming a vegan or vegetarian is a good start to great health and peace of mind both for ourselves and humanity.

3. Knowledge & Humility

Everyone wants knowledge, but humility is essential for acquiring knowledge. Those who do acquire knowledge also practice humility because they understand that learning and applying is a continuous process.

4. Beauty & Simplicity

It is the simple that produces the marvelous. With that in mind, one can design living spaces and their surroundings each with a unique personality and flavor. Everything we need is already in our hands, let us think simple and beautiful. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

5. Organization & Creativity

Creativity is the production of high quality, original, and elegant solutions. To be creative and organized at the same time may appear challenging, but the combination of both can bring amazing results. Brainstorming with methodical approaches can make miracles.

6. Love & Strength

Love is the true feeling of connection between people and things. When connected to others, we can be ready to share joys and burdens with each other, and as a result we feel empowered and capable of achieving anything. Love wins all and strength keeps us united.

7. Respect & Courage

Respect builds friendships and courage builds self-respect. When sacrificing for the principles and ideas we believe in, our self-respect increases. Responding with dignity and in a respectful manner may be considered the ultimate display of human expression.

8. Resourcefulness & Happiness

Things don’t make us happy, people do, and our resourcefulness helps. Being satisfied with the gift of life and sharing its great moments with others can make us a lot happier than owning wealth or riches.

9. Prosperity & Generosity

There is one who gives yet increases, and there is one who withholds but loses. Generosity is the secret to prosperity. Here we share from our heart and good feelings. True prosperity can only be achieved by being sincere and generous, and not withholding more than what is right.

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