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Flaxseeds are a powerhouse of nutrition. Each tablespoon of whole seeds is rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and essential nutrients like copper, magnesium, thiamine and manganese. Flaxseeds that have been ground into flour are even more nutritious because they are easier for you to digest.

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Flour is rich in fiber and vegetable protein. Flaxseed flour is an integral part of a healthy diet and supports healthy intestinal flora. It is rich with essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Made from unroasted brown flaxseeds.

To get more flax into your diet, you can use flaxseed flour when baking. Because flaxseed flour has such a high concentration of oil, you can use it as a substitute for eggs or fat in some baked goods as well as a replacement for some of the flour. Use it to make cookies, pancakes, muffins and cakes.

Baked goods that use flaxseed flour as a partial substitute for fat may brown quickly. Check often and lower the oven temperature or decrease the cooking time slightly, as needed. When you prepare baked goods with flaxseed flour as a substitute for all eggs, expect the finished item to be smaller and chewier than normal.

Flour can be used by adding it to various dishes or added in half a glass of water, juice or yogurt. The daily dose is two tablespoons of grounded linseed. To make this drink tastier, flour can be added to the water two hours before the drink. Can be used in baking or as an extra ingredient with breakfast cereals. Suitable as a thickener for sauces and drinks. It is recommended to add 10-20% to pastry dough.

Store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Drink plenty of water when you’re eating items baked with flaxseed flour to prevent constipation. Flaxseeds can absorb as much as six times their weight in water.

Made in the remote village of Lithuania at the Tadas Noreika farm.

500 grams


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